Why Timber?

Timber is an environmentally friendly resource and there are very good reasons why we should choose to use timber ahead of other products and resources.
  • Timber is an organic and natural renewable resource.
  • Using of timber counteracts the greenhouse effect. For every cubic metre of timber used instead of other building materials, 0.8 tonne of CO2 is saved from the atmosphere.
  • The more timber we harvest, the more is growing! Every harvested tree is replaced with two saplings. The European forests are growing by over 9000km2 every year.
  • Scandinavian forests are run on the principle of viable forestry. Read more about the Standard for sustainable forest management in Norway here
  • The woodworking industry is clean and incorporates a high level of resource exploitation,
  • The Scandinavian woodworking industry utilises the Timber raw material to the full.
  • Timber is good for the environment and takes little energy from it. Minimal pollution is created when manufacturing timber products.
  • Timber and Timber produced products are very durable.
  • Timber and Timber produced products are reusable and recyclable.
  • Timber is good for the climate indoors. Timber flooring instead of carpets are therefore often recommended.
    Source: timber-frame.org and trefokus.no

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